Teaching Services

Dr. Dashner preparing a clinical anatomy lecture for medical residents

Advanced Anatomical Services (AAS) offers on-site anatomy review courses, most frequently to medical and allied health care professionals in training. These courses are designed to address the specialized needs of various health professions and may include didactic and clinical lectures with or without a laboratory component. AAS works in conjunction with area universities to provide anatomical materials such as cadavers and prosected specimens for use in laboratory sessions when appropriate. Among the health care professionals who have found these teaching services to be particularly valuable are residents and interns in several medical specialties such as orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, otorhinolaryngology, pathology and radiology, as well as emergency medical technicians and paramedics. In addition, AAS offers reviews and editing of anatomy textbooks, CDs and other educational materials prior to their publication.

AAS also provides dissection services and can assist with embalming procedures, as well as perform expert quality dissections on fresh or fixed human, primate, rodent and other specimens. Typically, AAS produces human cadaver prosections for use in undergraduate and graduate anatomy and physiology courses. These may include general purpose dissections of the body displaying basic musculoskeletal relationships or more highly advanced dissections detailing the intricacies of the body's neurovasculature. Other specialized dissection services include the harvesting of individual organs or structures at autopsy or necropsy for use in biomedical research projects, as well as the extraction and preparation of skeletal material for anthropological studies.


Teaching dissections often focus on numerous neurovascular
structures such as those demonstrated above in the brainstem

Above is another teaching dissection performed to demonstrate the
musculoskeletal and neurovascular features of the axillary region

An additional example of a dissection above depicts the
musculotendinous and neurovascular intricacies of the hand

The dissection above was performed to display muscular
and neurovascular relationships in the femoral region

Harvesting of individual organs such as the larynx above can be performed
for use in training sessions for otolaryngology residents or EMS personnel

Another example of a dissection service might involve
extracting skeletal material for use in primate studies


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