Many individuals have expressed their gratitude to Advanced Anatomical Services (AAS) for a wide range of services that we have provided to them over the years. AAS has helped teach countless allied health students, medical and dental students, residents and interns in various medical specialties, as well as emergency medical technicians and paramedics. Additionally, AAS has assisted numerous faculty in their teaching efforts by providing them with high quality dissections and in some cases, giving lectures for them on specialized topics. AAS has also worked with several biomedical researchers to provide them with assistance in developing solutions to their most challenging research projects, and in some instances, has enabled them to achieve publishable results. Below are several comments AAS has received from individuals who have worked with us and were glad they did.

From Allied Health Students:

"Awesome! We are so lucky to have had your expertise this summer. Wonderful teaching methods - great presentations. Thank you!"

"You were the best teacher I have ever had! You were clear, organized and very sincere in your interest in teaching. You encouraged me to keep trying and I did. Thanks."

"You rocked! You were like a fountain of knowledge. You were fun to listen to when doing demos and had very helpful studying tips. I looked forward to actually learning something on Fridays!"

"To be honest, I was dreading taking this class. Thanks for making it not only tolerable, but actually fun!"

"You know, you did such a good job that I may actually remember some of this stuff beyond next week!"

"This guy is a fantastic teacher! I learned a ton from him. Someone needs to give him a raise or at least a teaching award!"

"Two thumbs up! If I run into more instructors like this, I might just start to like anatomy. Keep up the great work - we need more instructors like you."

"Who else could make a fish eye out of nothing but fat?!"

From Medical and Dental Students:

"Humor helps! Going through the information slowly and precisely while making anatomy make sense are your strengths. Thank you."

"My favorite teacher! You were always so patient. No matter how many times you were asked to explain something, you did so willingly."

"I would be willing to stand up on a soap box and tell the world how great you are in anatomy as long as I can remember that there are 8 cervical nerves and not 7!"

"You never made me feel like my questions were stupid or that I should have known the answers. Thanks for being so professional."

"He knows the material inside and out. If you had a question about anything that he couldn't give you a concrete answer on, he would find out and search you out next lab to tell you what he found."

"Thanks so much. You were so wonderful at explaining everything clearly! I would come to you confused and leave you understanding things perfectly. Truly the best!"

"You are the best teacher I have had and somehow you actually made looking at a cadaver a lot of fun. I learned a great deal from you and your interpretations of x-rays were a godsend."

"He's got a way of continually helping me find what I've been trying to dissect out for the past hour in about two seconds!"

From Medical Residents and Interns:

"Thank you for delivering such concise and well organized presentations. They were an excellent review of all that we had forgotten from medical school!"

"I appreciated the depth of your knowledge and all of your clinical correlations. Your sense of humor was also appreciated. Great job!"

"Your reviews of the anatomy as it pertains to our surgical procedures were most useful. That was definitely something we never got in med school. Thank you!"

"I greatly appreciated you stressing critical anatomical relationships and landmarks. You helped to draw our attention to the more complex anatomy and hazard sites."

"I think I learned more in your eight week course than I learned in my entire first year of medical school! Many thanks for adding clinical value to basic anatomy!"

"The review sessions were extremely useful. Lectures were presented at an appropriate level of difficulty and were accented nicely with humor and clinical notes. Well done!"

"Your ability to correlate anatomical relationships with our surgical procedures was invaluable. I feel much more confident in my own abilities now."

"I don't believe this I finally understand the pterygopalatine fossa! Thanks so much!"

From University Faculty:

"Thanks so much for giving my lecture. I received nothing but glowing reports from the students. It is such a good feeling to be able to leave knowing that everything is in good hands!"

"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to perform such a beautiful cadaver dissection. This is the best prosection we have ever had available for use in our course!"

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did teaching my students. They were thrilled with the presentations - even the two women who needed to go out for a breather!"

"I had heard from numerous sources that when it comes to dissections, you are the best. Now I can see why your services are in such great demand."

"Thank you for your participation in the Radiologic Anatomy course. The students enjoyed your presentation and were amazed at your wealth of knowledge and how well you could explain basic radiologic theory and emphasize key points."

"I am never hiring anyone else to do our cadaver dissections. In terms of quality, there is just no comparison with your work."

"I'm afraid your lectures were a little too effective. The scores on the last exam were the highest they've been all quarter. Now all the students want to know when you're coming back! Obviously, you did an excellent job of presenting the material to them."

"Wow so this is how an anatomical dissection is supposed to look! Where were you when I was taking this course?!"

From Biomedical Researchers:

"Thank you so much for all your help with our project. To be honest, I didn't know if it could be done, but it turned out perfectly."

"We were unable to find anyone else who was even willing to attempt this procedure. We will definitely seek out your services again when we have similar projects."

"We had two other neuroscientists trying to isolate this nucleus without success. Your approach was ingenious and saved our entire study."

"Thank you for all your help with our baboon studies. Our staff was not comfortable attempting the dissection procedures. Your assistance was invaluable and greatly appreciated."

"Wow! I had no idea that this study would produce such amazing results. Thank you for all your assistance and expertise."

"Thanks so much for helping us harvest out our skeletal material. These specimens turned out very well and will serve as excellent learning aides for our students."

"Great news! Our client is thrilled with the results of your frozen dissection and was able to extract the RNA necessary for his study. We are all so proud of you - Anatomy Man!"

"I just received word that our manuscript has been accepted for publication. Thank you for working with us to make this study so successful."


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